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Moth Repellent Linen and Room Spray - Cedarwood


This fresh and vibrant Cedarwood linen and room spray is hand blended by an expert Aromatherapist in the New Forest using natural ingredients, plant alcohol and spring water and includes Red Atlas Cedar blended with the enchanting fragrances of Fir, Lemongrass & May Chang, Rosemary, Thyme & Clove Bud.

Formulated specifically to repel moths whilst keeping your wardrobe and rooms fresh and fragrant, you can also use this versatile spray on fabrics, linens and upholstery.

100 ml bottle.
Free from artificial colours, parabens and fragrances.

Instructions for use:

Shake the bottle well and spray lightly in and around the inside of your wardrobe, under furniture, behind curtains and wall hangings. Moths breed between May and October so we recommend using once a week during this time.

Unfortunately, due to current regulations we cannot send this product overseas. Please check back later for international shipping.