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In Memory of John Bullough MBE
 2nd April 1969 - 5th May 2023

John was the founder of Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance, he served as Managing Trustee and Chairman respectively. In May 2023, we were devastated to hear the news that he had tragically passed away whilst in London promoting his newest life saving venture The Thunderbird Project.

The Charity's mission is to ‘expedite the utilisation of autonomous aerial systems, to support and enhance our nation’s Emergency Services when there is an imminent threat to life’. This involves the deployment of two drone concepts: one to gather aerial surveillance in an emergency, and the other to deliver life-saving equipment or medicine faster than existing services can. John has done an extraordinary job of bringing the emergency services together to achieve this mission.

From the day we launched Shilling & Fitz in 2019 John was our greatest ambassador and our business wouldn't be what it is today without his loyal support and constant championing of us and our brand. It is in his honour, and to create something of a legacy for the future of this new Charity, we have joined forces with Manyatta Belts.  One of John's oldest friends, James Gray-Cheape made us aware that John wore his Brigade of Guards beaded belt on a regular basis and introduced us to Manyatta to create this legacy. John was also an Atholl Highlander and a member of The Royal Company of Archers, The King's Bodyguard in Scotland.

Manyatta produce beautifully hand beaded belts for regiments, private members clubs and other associations such as schools and universities.

(above) The Royal Company of Archers belt (horizontal design)


Atholl Highlanders Belt

(above) The Atholl Highlanders belt.

The belts are hand beaded by The Maasai women who inhabit the African Great Lakes region. Beading serves as a major source of income for the Maasai people who struggle to maintain their way of life in a constantly changing Africa. By purchasing these belts, you are directly supporting the Maasai women, their families and helping them to maintain their culture.  If your club or organisation have colours and are thinking of creating something special for your members, why not contact us - email: or call +44 01738 310486.
For each and every belt purchased through Shilling & Fitz we pledge to donate our profits to The Thunderbird Project.

You can donate directly to this life saving project by clicking the link below:

Thank You.