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Moth Repellent Cedarwood Balls
Moth Repellent Cedarwood Balls

Moth Repellent Canada Red Cedar Balls


Moth Repellent Canada Red Cedarwood Balls 

Known for its insect-repelling qualities and earthy aroma you can place these cedarwood balls into your wardrobe and be certain that female moths will stay far away! Even as a gift for prevention of moths, these Cedarwood balls will uplift any wardrobe with a spicy fresh aroma.

How do they work?
The oil inside the wood emits a moth-repelling fragrance. You can refresh the balls every 3 months with our refresher spray.  Maintaining the fragrance will guarantee a moth-free zone.

Benefits of Cedarwood
Historically, Cedarwood chests were used to store seasonal clothing, linen and blankets as it deters pests and moths.  

Cedar balls are a completely natural and non-toxic safe alternative to moth balls which contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans (and pets)

These little Cedar balls of heavenly scent aroma are beautifully packaged in a drawstring bag, making them a wonderful stocking filler or just a simple yet thoughtful gift.

We recommend placing the Cedarwood balls in drawers, coat pockets, hang on garments hangers or suit bags, or just hang on the coat rack in the boot room for an uplifting fragrance and extra piece of mind.

Bag of 20 in a drawstring Bag