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Moth Repellent Cedar Hanging Blocks
Moth repellent Cedar Hanging Block
Moth repellent cedar wood hanging blocks boxed

Moth Repellent 6 Cedarwood Hanging Blocks


Moth Repellent 6 Cedarwood Hanging blocks, gift boxed.

Known for its insect-repelling qualities and earthy aroma you can place these cedarwood hanging blocks into your wardrobe and be certain that female moths will stay far away! Even as a gift for prevention of moths, these blocks will uplift any wardrobe with a spicy fresh aroma.

How do they work?
The oil inside the wood emits a moth-repelling fragrance. You can refresh the blocks every 3 months by re-oiling the wood with the refresher spray (sold separately). Maintaining the fragrance will guarantee a moth-free zone.

Benefits of Cedarwood
Historically, Cedarwood chests were used to store seasonal clothing, linen and blankets as it deters pests and moths.  

We recommend placing the Cedarwood blocks every 50cm for optimum moth repelling. The Cedarwood block come packaged in a presentation box which also makes it a great gift!

6 Cedarwood Hanging Blocks in a box.
Length including hanger: 24cm, width 5cm, depth 1cm