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Shilling & Fitz Tailoring Options

As well as fully bespoke tailoring services we also offer two other options - White Label and Black Label.
Our White Label range has been designed to be more affordable and is perfect for anyone budget conscious and especially Pipe Bands. White label garments are cut from pattern blocks closer to regular 'stock sizes'  We have selected cloth bunches in the most popular Tartans, Tweeds and Jacketings and a range of complimentary buttons and trims.  Kilts are machine sewn rather than hand made.  However, you can customise your white label garments by adding additional pockets, waistcoat pocket flaps or coloured button holes at a small cost.  White label garments are made in 4-6 weeks. We can also offer an express service for our white label range.  For 2 week express service add 10% and 1 week express service add 20% to the garment cost.  A typical white label Jacket would have a starting price of £310
Our Black Label range are tailor made in house and include cloth bunches from the finest weavers in Scotland and Yorkshire alongside ranges from Scabal and Loro Piana of Savile Row. Everything is tailored exactly to your Marked Jackets come as standard with with padded stitched lapel for floating half canvas and hand sewn buttonholes as standard.  With black label, there are many more options you can have such as full canvas, hand made, forward fit and a try-on (basted fitting) Our Black label range usually requires an average of 6-8 weeks, longer if extra fittings are required.  We can offer an express charge which depends on the garment type.  A typical black label jacket would have a starting price of £530.  The Black Label range includes our Custom made shirts which start at £99.
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