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The Bespoke Tailoring Journey

The client/tailor relationship between us develops over the years, you will often be putting your trust in me to help put together a wardrobe of tailored clothes that reflects your personality, business and lifestyle.
Initially, there will be a consultation, usually quite informal, where we get to know each other, I will take notes and start to build your client profile, based on your measurements, stance and posture and I might take a few photographs of your stance for my reference as I'm working.
We will chat about your requirements - such as how and where you will be wearing the clothes and I may select cloth bunches for the you to look at.  Once we can see your preferences I will be able to show you further cloth bunches, lining options and select threads and buttons for you and we can discuss the fine details such as the collar and lapel stitching, pocket flaps, vents, cuffs, lining detail, trouser style and finish and other detail such as button holes or embroidery. We can agree on a timeline for the work to be done and I will start drafting your patterns.
A few weeks later, you will return for a fitting.  This is the first time you will be able to see and feel the beginning of your garment coming together.  I will make the necessary adjustments and the second stage of the process begins.
Once your garment is ready you will return for your final fitting. 
If you would like to book a consultation, click here to go to our contact page.If