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Chrysanthemum Anti-Moth Treatment Spray
Chrysanthemum Anti-Moth Treatment Spray
Chrysanthemum Anti-Moth Treatment Spray

Chrysanthemum Anti-Moth Treatment Spray


Chrysanthemum Natural Moth Spray is an environmentally friendly yet highly effective alternative to chemical based repellents for the home. With it's fresh and fragrant aroma it can be used to treat furniture, internal wardrobes or even entire rooms.

Our Chrysanthemum extract is sustainably sourced from small farms in Kenya and blended in the New Forest by an expert Aromatherapist who combines a potent mix of natural pyrethrum (from the flower head) with anti-moth essential oil blend - made up of May Chang, Lavender, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Laurel, Rosemary, Thyme & Clove Bud.

We don't use artificial ingredients no organochlorine pesticides, no synthetic materials, and no harmful synergists such as PBOs (piperonyl butoxide) which are commonly used in other insecticides.

How does it work?
The Chrysanthemum flowerhead contains a natural pyrethrum which has an insecticidal effect and kills insects on contact by penetrating the insects body surface. It is effective for eggs, larvae and adult moths.

Use year round as a first response to signs of a moth infestation, following the usage advice below.

Wear a mask - Whilst naturally derived, the active ingredients are still potent.

For a full treatment:

Close all windows and doors, draw curtains. Spray walls, cracks, under furniture, behind curtains etc.

If using inside wardrobes, empty of clothing first.

Leave for 4 hours, then open all windows and doors. Pyrethrum is highly photosensitive and broken down rapidly by light and air so any remaining spray will evaporate. After a further 4 hours the room will be safe to use again.

If you are treating a specific piece of furniture for example a chair or footstool, follow the instructions above leaving the room for 4 hours with curtains closed then 4 hours more with curtains re-opened.

Unfortunately, due to current regulations we cannot send this product overseas. Please check back later for international shipping.