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The Mill
Scabal’s heritage English mill located in Huddersfield, the home of traditional English cloth making, has existed since the 16th century. A large majority of their collections are still woven there. As with many Yorkshire mills, the area’s soft water gives the cloths a recognizable fine finish.
Otto Hertz ans The Thissens
Scabal as we know today, was founded by Otto Hertz in 1938. Mr. Hertz would bring international tailors together. By 1970, Scabal had grown into an international company with many employees throughout Europe. J.P. Thissen, Otto Hertz most valued associate, was appointed to lead the company. Scabal today is led by his son Gregor Thissen, Executive Chairman, and Stefano Rivera, who joined in 2013 as CEO.

The Collaboration with Dali

Scabal collaborated with Salvador Dali, when the surrealist master created a series of exclusive paintings for the company. These 12 artworks depicted the artist’s unique vision of how fine tailored clothing would have evolved into the 21st century. They remain treasured at Scabal, resting today within the company’s vaults.


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